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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mr. Mansfield offer free consultations?

Office consultations are free and free telephone consultations are available.You may fax with a coversheet with your telephone number, copies of summons, court notices or correspondence from the Department of Motor Vehicles

More complex matters like DWI , Reckless Driving and Suspended License cases may require an office consultation.

What will be the legal fee to handle my case?

Legal fees are set on a case by case basis.

How may I pay Mr. Mansfield?

The office accepts all major credit cards as well as usual methods of payment.

When should I consult Mr. Mansfield?

The general rule is that it is always better to consult Mr. Mansfield as soon as possible.

Why is it important to consult with an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer as soon as possible?

Even a seemingly minor traffic ticket where delay can result in the loss of a valuable opportunity for Mr. Mansfield to appear in your behalf and file a timely request for supporting depositions which may result in the eventual dismissal or more favorable disposition of the charges.

Should I be represented at a chemical test refusal hearing?

Yes, stricter plea bargaining polices makes it important to properly evaluate your DWI case.

Should Mr. Mansfield represent me at a District Court arraignment for suspended license/registration or reckless driving charges?

Yes, your license could be suspended by The Judge for a charge of reckless driving until your case is completed.

When counsel appears on the first court date for a suspended license or registration charge, you may have a better chance of a more favorable outcome.

Will I have to appear in Court with Mr. Mansfield?

Your appearance may be optional if you are accused of traffic violation.

Mr. Mansfield reviews your situation and can advise you of the requirements for your case.

Should I consult with Mr. Mansfield before pleading guilty to a traffic offense?

Absolutely. Your consultation may reveal that the guilty plea has serious consequences for your driver’s license.

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